The Grand Canyon

Tales of the Perpetually Unfortunate

If I were to pick one thing that I have done, one thing that was the most difficult challenge in my lifetime, i would explain the story of when I hiked the Grand Canyon. It starts off like this, we(me and my dad) wake up (July 2011)at 5:30AM to drive over and park the car at the top of the canyon, where we will leave it during the hike. That’s mistake number one. If i had another go at this grand canyon thing I would wake up no later than 3:00AM so that we could be on the trail by 5:00 because we were not able to start hiking until 7:30. This “late” start meant that we would be hit with the sun during the hottest part of the day. We did get held hostage by the sun at a 4 mile rest stop, where we waited it out until…

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