Hoo ye gannin?  ‘How are you?’
Hoo’s ya fettle?  ‘How are you?’
Y’areet, hinny? ‘Are you all right, kid?’
Champion. ‘Very good, very well’
Bonny day the day.  ‘It’s nice weather’
Cowld the day, mar.  ‘It’s cold today.’
Whey aye, man.  ‘that’s right’
Give ower, y’a kiddin.  ‘Come on, you’re joking’
Hadaway man.  ‘I’m still not convinced’
Ya taakin shite.  ‘I really disagree with that’
Ootside!  ‘Let’s settle this outside’
Hoo’s the Toon gannin?  ‘How is the Newcastle United match progressing?’
Tara now, pet.  ‘Goodbye (to female)’
Wee’s yon slapper?  ‘Who’s the young lady?’ (derogatory)


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