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Tammy Tour Guide

Today’s trip to Washington Wetland Centre was intrepid to say the least.

The UK is currently covered by a blanket of snow with temperatures hovering below the zero mark.

OK, it’s not exactly the Arctic or Canada but the snow has fallen crisp and deep and even.

We wrapped up like Nanook in full Eskimo kit to test the conditions at Washington Wildlife Reserve near Sunderland in northern England.

It was bloomin’ cold and bracing but worth the effort to see how the wildlife was coping in the bleak midwinter.

On the reserve

Life on the reserve was much quieter than normal although the geese and ducks seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Over at the visitor centre there were great views from the main viewing area of the Cranes, Barnacle Geese and Goldeneye ducks.

All were staying close to the buildings for some weather protection, extra warmth, food and shelter.

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