Travel the world; explore the neighborhood


Many people tell us, “While you’re in Sydney (or Tokyo or Shanghai…) you have to see (fill in the blank…).”   No, we don’t. We don’t have the time, money, or energy to visit every great place at the destinations we travel to.

If we were tourists for a week or two, perhaps they’d be right, but we’re not tourists. We’re traveling for two years, living “on the road.”

So, what’s our plan? We pick and choose carefully. Generally we eliminate all expensive touring sights as unaffordable and that helps us narrow things down. We try to limit excursions to every other day. On our off days, we see the wonderful sights in the neighborhood where we’re staying.


On one of our stops in Australia, we stayed in Marrickville, a stone’s throw from Sydney. We strolled many days up Illawara Road, past the old-fashioned Greek and Vietnamese shops. Temptation was…

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